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Frequently asked questions

What topics are best for the ourgen blog?

ConvertFlow is a curated resources site for university students. While we understand there are multiple factors that go into a brand's digital success, readers of our blog expect us to specifically talk about website conversion ideas, tactics, strategies, and stories. If you can't find a conversion angle for your post, we're probably not interested.We're particularly interested in real-life stories and "teardowns" of successful brands' online conversion strategies. See more about this kind of post here.

Do you accept pre-written posts?

No, your post must go through a full editorial process before being accepted for publication—including topic ideation, writing, and editing.

What does the publication process look like?

If you have an idea, submit your pitch. We review pitches on a "first come, first serve" basis, but will generally get back to you via email to move things forward within 1-2 weeks (hopefully sooner). From here, we'll agree on a specific topic and pencil in a deadline for first draft and publication. Note: Agreeing a topic is not a guarantee we will publish your post. We try to get everything to a publishable state through the editing process. But if first drafts are too far off our initial quality guidelines, we reserve the right to pass on final publication.

How long does the process take?

We have a content calendar planned about three months into the future. This means you can typically expect your post to go live 8-12 weeks after initial approval of your topic.

How can I increase my chance of publication?

Read our blog to see what's already on thereStick to the guidelines providedDon't self-promoteInclude images, videos, and examples to illustrate your pointsWrite a blog post, not a college essayP.S. We're suckers for real-life conversion stories and teardowns ;)

Do you blog swap or write for other sites?

Sometimes. It depends on the capacity of our content team at the time of your request. But if the project is worth it, we can make it work. Email content@convertflow.com for more information.