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What is OurGen?

OurGen is largest curated directory of student careers information. It also serves a global community for today's younger generation to become successful professionals.

We believe your career is your life as an adult and without a good start, it closes opportunities for a successful life. No student should face barriers to achieve their dream career, yet information and networks are impossible to navigate and find. OurGen helps students find specific content and events to educate them on how achieve a career they love.

Where does OurGen source its content?

It started out as a crowdsourced spreadsheet: That spreadsheet had about 20 contacts who worked at different companies. That was great to start with, but crowdsourced information has, by nature challenges with reliability and consistency.

For example, some people had contacts already in the company meaning they skipped some stages of an application, or they applied for a job 5 years ago with different hiring processes.

To mitigate this, we switched to a publishing model, where we have a team of content creators who are introduced to a contact at a company who is recently employed by them. Our team members individually interview each insight using the same method and questioning. We then get the raw information and put it through screening, comparing it to similar insights, using our knowledge of company's processes and cross checking with our other experts.

I can't login to OurGen

No problem! Contact our support team here:

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Can I change my payment method?

Yes! Go to the Profile page, under billing enter the Stripe payment portal and change your details there.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes we do!

For student communities (e.g. societies, universities...) we can provide up to 75% off monthly membership for each student.

For charities and NPOs, we can provide free annual membership for each student.

To learn more about bulk discounting, first make an application for your community by clicking the button below:

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Can I use OurGen for free?

Yes you can. We offer a free plan that includes a basic overview in most content types.

I didn't receive the link to verify my email

What happens if my payment fails?

Payments can fail for all kinds of reasons, but here are a few things worth double-checking.

Make sure you typed in the card details correctly and that your card hasn’t expired, and try a different card.

I don't recognise a charge

To see all your charges, a description of them and downloadable invoices and click on Billings. Scroll down to Payment History. Click the download icon on the right to download your invoice.

Can I get recruited through OurGen?

Unfortunately, no. OurGen does not connect employers to students in any way. However, we are working with employers to develop a space on our platform in the future for students to make applications.

Is OurGen hiring at the moment?

Yes we are! Go to our About page.

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