Online Application

This will take around 30 minutes to complete. It requires you to fill out your educational career, contact details and industry experiences. You may be asked about your personal interests such as hobbies and questions relating to your activities. You will be asked to submit your CV too. Answer motivational questions “why do you want to work for Deloitte, why this role, 200 words”.

Expect an immediate response before progressing to the next stage.

Online Tests

This process will take around 1 hour to complete and comprises verbal, situational and numerical reasoning, each category with 5 questions each. This stage is very analytical and provides you with a variety of different data, such as a video, raw data tables and description of the context of the problem and then ask you based on the information, what is the most likely answer or decision you would make.

Example task

A typical question for the numerical reasoning stage includes a situation of the levels of unemployment in a country. You will be given information on how many skilled workers there are in a particular industry and an event that results in some being unemployed. You will be asked how many as a result of the situation, will become unemployed.

An example of the situational awareness questions would be, “Imagine that you are a new employee at Deloitte working on a project in a team. You make a suggestion about the project but your manager does not listen to you. What would your response be”. Here you will have to rank options from 1-5, 1 benign for the first choice, 5 being your least favourite reply.

How to respond for success

Cecelia recommended that you carefully look at the question wording, particularly with phrases like “should” vs “would. Should means that there is an obligation but it is not definite, whereas “would” (past-tense of will) means that something will definitely happen.

In this stage, you are timed however do not expect to finish all of the questions, what Deloitte is looking for is accuracy and less on speed and quantity of questions answered. If you do not understand the question, do not linger on it too much and continue to the next one.

Expect a 3-week wait before progressing to the next stage.

Job Simulation

A week before this stage, you will have a short phone call with a member at Deloitte, helping you manage your expectations of the task ahead. Make sure to ask them as many questions before to maximise your chances of passing.

In the Job Simulation, you are required to record 4 replies and write 2 emails to different stakeholders, managers and colleagues in a job simulation. You will have to reply to inbound emails which contain a variety of different problems. Here, Deloitte is testing your emotional intelligence and behaviour in a professional environment.

Example task

An example of a situation you will have to reply to would be; “Your Manager gives you feedback on work that your team produced. It wasn't good and the client feels like you should have put more work into it. Record your response”.

How to respond for success

Cecelia tried to demonstrate that she understood the client’s perspective, showing empathy for them and her manager. She justified her response by taking the feedback constructively and had a solution-driven mindset, suggesting how she can take a call with the client and solve any problems as soon as possible.

Expect a 2-week wait before progressing to the next stage.

Final Interview

The final interview will take an hour to complete, divided into 2 sections. The first interview is a competency-based one, lasting for 30 minutes. The second half is split into a 15-minute presentation followed by questions from your interviewers.

Example task

A typical question for the competency interview would be “Tell me a time when you demonstrated good communication skills”.

How to respond for success

Cecelia suggests linking your previous experiences (regardless if they are technical or not) and use case studies of your professional experiences, rather than using university project examples. This helps the examiner understand your character in a working environment. If you can, after making a connection to your previous experiences, link your answers to Deloitte’s core values.

Expect a 1-week wait before receiving your offer.
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