Online Application

The online application is where you want to show off your story as a designer. Who are you? And what have you worked on so far? It's important here to show passion above all else, you have to make them want you.When I applied I had to submit a portfolio of my work which mainly consisted of my 3rd year work. A cover letter and a CV. ​

How to respond for success​

It's so important to use the key language that Gymshark uses, for example: Vision, Evolve or Passion. Remember this key language as it will become useful later in the application process.

Expect a couple weeks to wait before being advanced to the next stage.​

Virtual Interview

You will watch a short introductory video explaining the details of how the interview is conducted before being asked questions from a pre-recorded clip. There are 5 to 6 of these pre-recorded questions asked. For each question you have to prepare an answer and give it within the given time-frame.These questions are a great opportunity for you to talk about yourself. The key word again here is story. Where have you come from and what are your experiences? And how can they apply to the role here at Gymshark. Throw in some of the key terms I mentioned before.​

How to respond for success​

Make sure you dress appropriately, smart casual/simple is the best. I wore a plain white T-shirt for this phase. Having a clean background is also a really good idea. It may also be helpful to have a pen and paper at the ready to jot down some key words to refer back to your answers if you find yourself getting off track. It is vital you keep as much eye contact with the camera as possible because the assessor will know if you are looking elsewhere.

Expect a couple weeks to wait before being advanced to the next stage.​

Final Interview

For the final interview you are required to present a project given to you by the heads of the design team. This project could vary in whatever brief you are given. Either way this is where you can combine the skills needed from the previous stages. Creativity/willingness to innovate from the portfolio phase and the vocal part from the video interview phase.

My biggest piece of advice for this part is take risks. Really try to push the boundaries in whatever project is given. Show that passion in your work. Fancy illustrations go a long way as well.

Again story telling becomes the primary factor of making this interview work. As you're presenting this to some of the Senior Designers you'll have to talk about your project from start to finish. Really dive in, get technical. But make sure you show that evolution. Show how you work and how you think.

But most importantly enjoy it! They want you to succeed. It might be a scary thought but as long as you have done the work and you know your project inside out, then presenting becomes easy and natural.

Expect to hear back within a couple weeks to find out if you have secured the position.
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