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We are raising a £600,000 (S/EIS) Pre-seed round, so if you are interested in investing in us, let's arrange a call.

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Introducing OurGen

Raising £600k

29% of Gen Z quit their first job within the first 12 months, costing employers £1B per year in replacement costs (in the UK alone!). This is a growing problem we are tackling head-on at OurGen.  

OurGen is the HR Tech platform for early careers recruitment. We offer a new way for employers to attract the best of Gen Z talent, with authentic content that guides candidates on how to make successful applications.

We are a intergenerational team of talented young professionals and industry experts who have bootstrapped for the last 2 years, to build a high-potential startup that's ready for growth. After joining Unrest's accelerator programme, we are gaining momentum and now starting to outgrow our tech stack...

That's why we are raising a £600k S/EIS Pre-seed Round, and inviting you to join us on our mission to bring transparency to the early careers recruitment market.

Pitch deck

You can access our full pitch deck by clicking the button below.
OurGen join the Unrest Accelerator in September 2022. At the end of their programme, they hosted a Demo Day in January 2023, where Oliver delivered a 3-minute pitch.

Since then we have had paying customers and optimised our models so this pitch is old. Here's the recording.

Our progress so far

Scroll down and click on each milestone to view a summary of what the we have achieved, all whilst bootstrapping.

DEC 20

OurGen idea is conceived

Oliver comes up with the idea to create a platform for his generation ("OurGen"), so that they can build successful futures for themselves.

JAN 21

Launch MVP v0.1

Launched Version 0.1 (MVP) website, and Oliver brings Tom on as a mentor. After initial interest from 100s of students, we validated that the idea can develop into a business.

JAN 21

Launch podcast

We launched “ourPodcast” to speak with professionals and found that most popular episodes were interviews with current students who were successful candidates. This lead to the idea of producing "Insights".

AUG 21

Launch MVP v0.2

After market research indicating a lack of high-quality careers content for students, we launched v0.2 with new features; “ourInsights”, “ourGroups”, “ourResources”, “ourMentors and “ourPodcast”.

SEP 21

Freshers Fair in 6 universities

We launched our first ‘Freshers fair’ campaign in 6 university campuses to sign up students to use the OurGen v0.2.

FEB 22

Onboard NEDs and interns

Focused on building the team by onboarding the first NEDs and an internship programme, that grew the team to over 30+ people (with varying levels of involvement and ownership).

We learnt how to successfully launch and manage an internship programme and develop a company culture. More interns / team members helped to scale whilst running manual processes, but made management harder. Decided to scale down to tight-knit team by mid-2022.

APR 22

1st Revenues generated

We received an inbound enquiry from a large student organisation to host their 3-day consulting summit. We charged £1.50 per student which gave them access to the events platform and supplementary content.

After the process we discovered that events management wasn't scalable but events did help with student perception and engagement with OurGen.

JUN 22

Launch survey with 800 responses

Released a survey asking users for feedback. We received over 800+ student responses and Oliver personally conducted 1-1 interviews with over 100 respondents.

We used this feedback to make major improvements to the way our content was delivered but also refine what types we should focus on, which were "Insights".

This informed the decision to deploy a B2C model in the early stages of the platform.

AUG 22

Hybrid event with Barclays

Hosted hybrid events in Canary Wharf with employer sponsors from the likes of Barclays Bank, attracting over 1,000 attendees for them.

We learnt that OurGen’s strengths in event management lied in being the online provider to enhance attendee experience with supplementary content and access to recordings.

SEP 22

Join Unrest Accelerator

Joined 4-month the Unrest Startup Accelerator programme who provided executive coaching, mentorship and invested in a new brand delivered by Uncommon.

JAN 22

Soft launched V1.0

Soft launched V1.0 of the ourgen.uk website and won the first paying B2C customers.

FEB 22

SEO strategy

Implemented SEO strategy for content, out-ranking our biggest competitors on key search terms made by students.


We are obsessed with making OurGen the best possible platform for students to use. We have built a system for students to leave their feedback and here's a few examples of those who left a testimonial.

OurGen has conducted a feedback survey which received over 800 responses from student users. They gave us an insight into how they approach careers, where they source advice from, would they pay for content and how they found using the platform.

We used this feedback to improve and develop a new version of the website you can see today.
OurGen is so helpful in this journey of mine as it helps me connect with a lot of people already in the finance space and those seeking to get into it, alongside. I get to read about other people's journey and what breaking into the industry looks like.
David Ohidah
OurGen is a great resource and it definitely makes the process of applying for roles easier.
Daniel Kupoluyi
I like using OurGen for being able to get an insight into people's experiences with interviews, applications and the links to people's LinkedIn on their profile to ask any further questions.
Hannah Lawless
Thank you ourGen for giving me the confidence to make decisions and decide what I want to do with my career. I can't get the same support back home in Egypt
Sarah Ghoniem
I have been using ourGen for the last year now and I secured my Lloyds Placement year from their insights. Thank you 🙏
Theo Berryer
The downloadable resources are great and it's given me the confidence to use my degree to go into consulting.
Vighnesh Rathkumar
I really appreciate you creating something like this - it is absolutely what I need to support me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that!
Yasir Ali
just upgraded for a massive database of knowledge that'll hopefully increase my chances of securing an amazing placement, all thanks to OurGen as always. 
Mohammed Yusuf
OurGen insights helped me secure my summer internship at Goldman Sachs!
Oana Stoica
I shared ourGen to all of my students as it's a great resource to help them connect to the professional world
Dr Paul Middleditch
ourGen hosted an event for my society and brought us amazing industry speakers. It was well organised and we had great engagement.
Oksana Petrychuk
Thank you so much for yesterday's conference. I gained a lot of knowledge on how to attract more employers.
Sreypetch Kem
My experience with ourGen was everything I could ask for!
Rita Cunha Vaz
I listened to ourGen's most recent podcast about mentors. I am currently looking for a mentor in my industry and I found this insightful. Thank you!
Feargal Gunn
Been a member on OurGen for a while and it keeps getting better!Can’t wait to see what’s in store, super excited 🎉😊
Joely To
ourGen is a great one-stop shop for students wanting to get a feel for what each application process has.
Munalula Lisimba
After being recommended ourGen whilst applying for internships, I took a look and it helped a lot hearing from other students' insights.
Linh Nguyen
I wish I knew about ourGen before I graduated - it's the easiest way to prepare for interviews
Tom Parker
I have found OurGen extremely useful it has helped me secure a spring week with JPMorgan so thank you very much for setting it up!
Oli Morgan
Had my JP Morgan interview. Went well as I was prepared thanks! your insights are good for an overall view and they are laid out well
Joe Checkley
I have been using OurGen for quite some time and used it to help me during my spring week applications. Keep going 🙌
Paul Lawal
Really insightful actually. Especially when I have no idea what the the process entails. Defo should publish more.
Joel McLean
ourGen hosted an event for several of our societies on employability with our careers department. We had the best attendance of the year!
Oli Gray
ourGen helped me secure my first internship at Deloitte. Their insights are the best.
Farah Alam
ourGen is an awesome project!
Joao Pedro Aliane
Just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that it's great to see what you're building at OurGen!
Vaibhav Ashwin Kumar
ourGen is changing the way we connect and engage with our young leader's community, globally.
Katie Keith


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